J.Paul Ndindamahina

MSc IBM , BA(Hons) BM 


The level 7 in UK academic qualification is one step closer for one putting a lid on entire academic journey. J Paul's enthusiasm in learning and developping himself started since at young age. 


 J Paul undertook creative and systematic work to increase his knowledge around human, culture, and society in a world of Business 

Company case studies 

Employee Motivation 

Feasibility Study 

Areas of Expertise


Highly dependable and organized . Jean Paul offers hands-on experience in management. and his is also an associate Member of Chartered Management Institute (CMI). .


Finance: Developed analytical thinking (looking at situation and understanding how it works and what it means) with technical application such as Data analysis and financial analysis. wider application in both Finance and accounting.

· Management: developed skills concerning the process of dealing with or controlling things or people in a work environment.

· Research: Research skills, using right methodology and data,

· Law for business: Contract law and employment and society which gives key knowledge about your as individual or business’ rights and rights of others at work

· Economics :Developed valuable transferable skills such as presenting findings and explaining complex data(communication), Handling complex data and applying mathematical and statistical analysis methods (Numeracy) extracting information and make recommendations (problem solving).

  • Financial management   
  • Human Resource Management  
  • Management Research   
  • Organisation development Management 
  • Organisationation issues and practices  
  •  International Management in context  
  •  Strategic Management 
  • Marketing and communication 
  • Continuing Professional development 

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whether you have a question or you want to chat, Jean Paul would love to hear from you, give him a call or drop him an email .





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