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Divident Growth Model how does it work?

When an investor invests in companies, they expect a return on their investment and that return is what companies call dividends.

Being able to calculate the value of stock using dividend growth model will allow an investor to determine whether the stock is undervalued as dividend-paying stocks are usually more mature and predictable >> Learn how it works


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Indie Film Finance Guide

Do you need money to make a movie but you don't know where to find it?

Here is the answer meet Tom Malloy who has raised more than $25 millions in private equity from independent financiers to produce nearly all the films that his company, Trick Candle Productions has made. And his goal is to share all of his film funding tactics with you.

To help you raise money for your movies and avoid some of hismistakes, Ihe has created the Independent Film Finance Guide. This film funding system allows you to sketch out a simple strategy for finding and getting money from investors so you can make your movie.


With the Film Finance Guide, you will get a real world, simple, bullet proof strategy for getting money from investors, from someone who's actually done it for more click here


Trademiner, stocks ,Futures and Forex!

TradeMiner Identifies Seasonal Trends And Market Cycles That Repeat Each Year In Stocks, Futures, & Forex

Trademiner is a software that helps you identify the right trend at the right time!: Through Artificial Intelligence & Brute Force Mathematics, Identifies High Probability Trading Opportunities In Stocks, Futures & Forex. Every Trader Must Have! Must See To Believe.

A Scientifically proven methodology:

"Stocks tend to have relatively high (or low) returns every year in the same calendar month. The pattern is independent of size, industry, earnings announcements, dividends, and fiscal year. The results are consistent with the existence of a persistent seasonal effect in stock returns." Click here for more


Top stock Investment Strategy !

It is the Best Buy Signal In 104 Years!" According To Dr. Scott Brown, Phd In Finance. Let Chartminer Quickly Scan The Stock Market, And Help You Identify Wyckoff Triggers & Signals. Watch As Markets Explode Out Of These Areas Of Accumulation & Distribution.

Dr. Brown has hand picked a list of stocks that he feels meet the requirements of most traders when following the Wyckoff method in today’s market and Dr. Brown will be personally working with you every step of the way click here to find out more



Unlock the door to Financial Freedom !

Redefine financial freedom you! Terms like cash inflow and outflow, active and passive income etc find an all-new meaning in this module with the writer presenting known and unknown facts in a completely new and unique manner.

Understand money management like never before! Most shy away from being rich not because they earn less money but because they don’t know how to manage their earned money. This ebook will teach you how to do that in easy, practical steps.Think investment is the only way to make more money out of what you have? Think again! This ebook will tell you that it is no fairy-tale to earn extra money without taking the path of investments. Don’t believe it? Pick up the ebook to convince yourself.

Welcome to JP-Finance website,

You have just landed on brilliant site with millions brilliant ideas to save you time and money. For the last five years I have been working hard to bring you closer to the market and make your choice to buy or not to buy become easier than never before.

No one would deny that this is too generic because the first I think of is you and saving you money by bringing to you the best products and services on the market. I do that by working with different organisations that directly sell services and goods and then from them I am able to choose products or services that I believe is good for you and fits your current demands as a customer.

Whether you want to save money on car repair or towards a new car, you need to get fit while you travel or you need best fitness programs on the market, you have long desired to know the best nutrition programs on the markets, you want the best services and products but you don’t know where to find them, I have brought an answer to your question because with this site I am sure your all answers will be answered and will save you time and money.

I do regularly update this site so that I bring a better service to you. During your visit on this site you may find some page empty .That is not something to worry about because we clear the page to upload new products and services that are available to you on the market. Please do visit the page later.

I wish you a joyful experience on this site and if any problem, please do email me directly at info@ndindamahina-finance.co.uk I will respond as soon as I get your email.

Jean Paul Ndindamahina

Site founder


What we found about your travel

Traveling is the best experience in the world but it can also be dounting when you don't know how to choose the best travel market and it can be too costy if you don't know how to make the most of your travel. So we have gathered some brilliant ideas that will assist you with your travel needs -have a look on them click here

Most People Look Good Wearing Good

So this is the thing,everyone wants to look good but the secret is that all you put on around your body if they look and smell good you look good. We have brought to you the market of goodness where we have just selected the best clothing of our choices and on the market that we truly think would look good on you -why not have a look and decide for yourself! click here

Best car equals best look and respect

If you drive a nice and the best car on the market,you will earn admiration and respect from almost everyone -it is a good feeling to drive a new car down town all eyes on you . So if you are a person who likes to enjoy what comes from hard work like i do,this is the thing you don't need to drive a car where people will be pushing you because the engine can not start you need a new car and or a better car. On this site we have combined more ideas that help you to make the best choices about cars-all secrets are revealed about falshy cars and all you need to get your hands on new car

why not have a look here and decide for yourself !

The fact is: Eat Good and Look Good!

This is sounds like contreversial but the truth is that you can not look good when you don't eat good. You will need to eat good for you to be and look healthy and that is the main idea here on this iste. We have assembled all healthy food programs in one place so that you have all avialble choices that fits your demands and needs. Have a look

Financial ratios


Undertanding what is financial ratios is important in stock markets and important in revealing company's health status -learn more

Cost Analysis


It is important in the business to be able to allocate cost efficiently-learn how

Capital decisions


Learn about capital decision tools and how to use capital fund in business for th best possible return

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