J Paul undertook creative and systematic work to increase his knowledge around human, culture, and society in a world of Business 

Jean Paul Ndindamahina is a Manager and a Business communicator from Southampton, UK. He is currently pursuing his PhD in  Management studies  conducting a research on  people’s leadership and behaviour and Organisation culture and  ethics. He also graduated with BA (Hons)Management majoring in Finance and post graduated with Master’s Degree  specialising in International Business Management.

Jean Paul’s interest has  always been  in his continuing professional development. He is associated with professional bodies such as CIMA, ACCA and CMI. He is an author, managed to write and publish three books one entitled the tears of time, once upon a time in Rwanda; the second book is written in his mother tongue encouraging Rwandan to heal each other following the event of war and Genocide through forgiveness and third book is about economics focusing on Rwanda, his homeland.

Jean Paul is committed to changing the face of education and improving the lives of disadvantaged community members. Back home he supports some of children to overcome illiteracy by helping with little he has for them to access education and  In 2019, Jean Paul teamed up with the Southampton Solent University to run a full Marathon of which he completed and raised funds that went into the university bursary scheme that  helps  disadvantaged students from disadvantaged communities.

In pursuit of Jean Paul’s interest in making the world, helping people and for the benefit of Human Kind, Jean Paul  went on to work for UK’s central government  with the ministry of defence since 2013 up to 2019. He has also worked in other capacity in public role most notably UK Royal mail where he worked as Post Grade Manager and management roles in retail industry.

During at his time at university he was voted by his peers to be student liaison officer at two occasions one at university of Southampton and second occasion at  Southampton Solent university. In 2018, he stood for student union election for sabbatical Education officer where his campaign was  to offer student with free printing, 24 hour library open and access and shaping university learning portal and teaching system.

Jean Paul speaks fluently three languages English, Swahili and French in addition to his mother tongue Kinyarwanda. He worked as voice over for a number of multimedia in Southampton  with Swahili, French and English. He has also worked with a number of individuals with translation of documents from one language to another language.  He is currently focusing on learning Spanish and interested in learning both Arabic and mandarin.

Jean Paul  has a lifelong interest in books, research and writing. He is a music lover  especially gospel music makes him relax after work more than any other music. He also loves to socialise with friends and family especially during the weekend, he is a social geek. While on night out, he enjoys RnB, Afro beat but don’t ask him to dance them, you may be disappointed. He is currently planning to take salsa  and Kizomba dancing classes. He is a father to two girls and one boy.



whether you have a question or you want to chat, Jean Paul would love to hear from you, give him a call or drop him an email .





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