The Burundian President becomes another threat to Africa’s peace and financial stability

How the Burundian President becomes another threat to Africa’s peace and financial stability

By Jean paul Ndindamahina, 09th May2015.

When it comes to Africa’s reputation, every story is sad. Hardly a day goes by without another twist or turn in the peace and Financial crisis that has engulfed the African continent. The media is buzzing with news that Africa is in flames, greedy leaders are walking around violating their country’s constitution, and hungry Africans are ocupying muddy and unpaved street, jungle and bushes trying to show their discontent to their leaders who have desires to change the constitution hence Africa has enemy to defeat and that is ; greedy and self-serving leaders.

The leaders who lack vision have caused Africa to suffer every consequence from conflict and violence. The African daughters and sons are dying from hunger and poverty and those with little, they are leaving the continent at the earliest opportunity towards Europe and America and some Africans refugees are stuck in the middle of the way unable to rich the destination. The example is those immigrants who are dying in the middle of the sea trying to reach Italy; the gate to the entire Europe. According to UNHCR, in the first 7 months of 2014, more than 87,000 African refugees arrived in Italy by sea and majority of them; if not all fleeing hunger and violence.

Despite hunger and poverty reputation, the African continent is rich in natural and mineral resources. The African continent is able to feed its people but the continent suffers from corruption, ethical lapse, self-dealing and greed in both private and public sector. The continent suffers from leaders who lack imagination and vision. Majority of countries in Africa are led by ethnic warriors who rule their people under brutality, disregarding their people‘s needs and demands and in addition, corrupt and greedy leaders keep Africa poor.

The remedy to African conflicts and violence that cause hunger and poverty was to promote democratic constitution across Africa that allows only two presidential term limits. However, as Burundi the latest example where the president is running for a third term contrary to Burundi’s constitution, It looks like some challenges remain and that is African leaders who continue to have desire to self-serve rather than focusing on what is the best for their people, their country and the continent of Africa in general.

The Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza‘s choice to violate constitution, not only that shameful acts is the threat to Burundian people but to the whole continent of Africa which is trying to overcome hunger and poverty. The Burundian president’s choice to run for a third term in office and contrary to his people’s choice, it is an act that violates his people’s rights, it is an act that aim to keep Africa being divided on peace and stability and to my point of view, defying constitution by Burundian President has made him to become one of African greatest threats that Africa is struggling to overcome.

The conflicts in Burundi is likely to affect other countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Congo and Tanzania who are likely to see a number of Burundian refugees crossing their borders and then cause these host countries ‘communities find it hard and difficult to support food system and example is Rwanda that is likely to be affected of what happens in Burundi .

It is without a doubt that any conflict in Burundi would be an open door key to insecurity in Rwanda and those two countries population’s financial income depends on agricultural products and with conflict and violence, a family whose life is being interrupted by war and violence is likely to see a drop in income and difficult access to arable land and this would create a regional problem not only for Burundi and Rwanda but the whole continent and may be the whole world because insecurity does affect household income and food supply and security.

It would be therefore wise for the whole world to stand up against President Nkurunziza and urge him to respect his people’s demand for him to respect the constitution and be willing to peacefully step down and allow Africa vision of ending hunger and poverty be realised because with leaders like him, African dreams to overcome hunger and poverty will never come through and African insecurity may continue to be a financial and food security threat to the world.








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