The Magic of the Frozen Movie



The real magic of the frozen movie


By Jean paul ndindamahina, 13th feb 2015.

Starting with, I would say this is the best movie I have ever watching in children entertainment industry and my story begins when It was the winter and in my home,it was freezing but as you know gas price becomes unaffordable when you turn the home heaters on, I, my children and their mum, were sitting in the sitting room with blankets on and the youngest of my children suggested to watch the frozen movie. Although they would have watched the movie before but I did not and I did not want to watch children movie but as she is a kind of princess, any suggestion from her is undeniable, we had to switch off all we were watching and we started to watch Frozen.

The start I felt my youngest daughter brought the good idea. The movie has a very powerful start and can awake anybody. We all sat, eyes on TV and looking all ices on the movie, we started to thank God for its kindness of not experiencing that same winter , actually we thanked God we were in house as the more we were watching the movie , we started to forget how cold our home was. The magic, my all children came out of the blanket and started to imitate queen sarsa by singing and dancing and that movement ended up creating an extra heat that made us all sweat.


If you haven’t watched the movie, I would recommend to do so –it supposed to be for children but I think even grownups can enjoy it!


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