My Portfolio


In life, i always tried to do something new and different.

At my age, i have already tasted the real world and i don't see it as the end because life is still rolling.

Undeniably , life is up and down but in time of needs i seek solution. so my portfolio has been marked by a long life learning journey and unbelievably, a wonderful family of my own.

i have written and published three books and i have been self-employed for five years that gave me a tremendous experience on the real world of business -it is not easy to run a business -you juggle many things at the same time and you are a self-motivator.

But through self-employment, you learn to be tough and stamina to carry on no matter what.

My wonderful partner help me to create marketing materials which she will always get credit for and i am thankful for the wonderful work she has put on Jpfinance website even though she was not paid.I am thankful.

Through self employment i highly strengthened my skills in bookkeeping, business skills and i used my language skills to coach those who wanted to know extra language


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